• Sue Warter              Director/Teacher (see Studio I brochure) Certified member of the Dance Masters of America and Dance Educators of America.  Miss Sue has over 25 years teaching experience.


  • Shari Bernhardt         (Tap, Rhythm Tap) experienced dancer and choreographer she received her training in New York, Las Vegas and Spain.  She studied under Honi Coles, Diane Walker, Eddie Brown, Savion Glover, Carnell Lyons, Brenda Buffalino and many other Masters. She danced professionally in Las Vegas and Reno for five years. Shari was instrumental in the promotional tour of 42nd Street, the Broadway tour company.  Her students were in the very first Stardust Award, in 1983, at the Dance Magic Competition and many of her routines have since won high score.  She has adjudicated for many local and national dance competitions in Canada and the U B.S and has been teaching in the area for many years. Shari has produced two tap instructional videos and continues to share her love and knowledge of tap to all her students.


  • Christy (McNeil) Dobson (Jazz, Lyrical) returns to teach and choreograph for Studio I after performing and being Dance Captain on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line for the past 2 years.  Christy received the Kreielsheimer Scholarship for 4 years full tuition at Cornish College of the Arts and graduated with a BFA in Dance. She has won many choreography awards for her work with Studio I’s Company Dance Team, including Best Choreographer.


  • Chris Gorney            (Hip Hop)  is currently a performing member of the Seattle based Hip Hop group’s Breaking Point Dance Company. He was a featured dancer and toured for two years with The Montana Transport Company, a professional modern dance company. Chris has a BFA in Dance from the University of Montana and loves to teach. This is Chris’s first year at Studio I.


  • Beth Ith                (Tap,Jazz,Turns and Progressions) started dancing at the age of two
    and has performed in many award winning dance routines. She has received scholarships from LADF and DEA for her dancing potential and energy.  She has trained with many of the Masters, such as, Gregory Hines, Savion Glover, Diane Walker, Anthony Peters, Greg Russell, and Mark Haines, just to name a few.  2001 graduate of Western Washington University, Beth has found her passion in teaching dance. She has been teaching at Studio I since 1999, has taught at a dance studio in Bellingham and for Pillchuck Dance Academy in Marysville, Wa. Beth’s choreography has won in monetary, many high score awards and the hearts of all of her students. She is a certified member of Dance Masters of America and is the Artistic Director for Studio I’s Company Dance Teams.


  • Kelley Karlovich        (Tap,Ballet,Jazz) our student teacher, is a junior at Redmond High School. Kelley has been training at Studio I for the past nine years and has been on the Company Dance Team for the past eight years.  She has a love for kids and plans to enter the School of Education in College. Kelley has assisted Miss Beth, Miss Betty and Miss Sue.


  • Linzee Kezer            (Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet) recently graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cornish College of the Arts, where she received a BFA in Dance. She has been teaching for the past six years in Colorado; at the Boulder Jazz Dance Workshop; for Spectrum Dance Company as Nancy Cranbourne’s assistant choreographer/instructor and will also be teaching this fall at Dance Fremont, Seattle. This is Linzee’s first year at Studio I.

Tesee Rodgers           (Ballet,Pointe) graduated Cum Laude, with a BFA in Dance, from Cornish College of the Arts, where she received the Kreielsheimer scholarship for four years of full tuition. Tesee has performed and trained with Alvin Alley as a cast member, Joffrey workshops and summer dance labs. Tesee is excited to motivate dancers of any age, skill level and style Tesee began teaching for Studio I in 2003.


  • Sabrina Ross            (Tap,Jazz,Lyrical,Hip Hop) is currently a student at the U of W.She grew up in Spokane, Wa where she received her training, performed and also taught at the Carol Lee Studio of Dance. This is Sabrina’s first year at Studio I.
  • Betty Stipek            (Tap,Ballet) previously owned and directed Monroe Dance Studio, for several years, and then Bothell Dance Studio for 19 years. Miss Betty has been teaching dance since 1974 and is a certified member of Dance Masters of America. Her Northshore Steppers  (her Senior Tap Group) have performed on TV, the Bite of Seattle, many local events and we have well known in the area.  Her love of children shows on the smiling faces of her students.  She has a gift and passion for teaching and is a welcomed addition to Studio I. Miss Betty is a Woodinville native and lives with her husband, Tracy, and their daughter, Amanda.


  • Nancy Taylor            (Tap,Rhythm Tap) began her training at age 4, in Vermont. Her studies have been with many of the great Masters including: Honi Coles, Cholly Atkins, Buster Brown, Ernest, Brown, Brenda Buffalino, Diane Walker, Lynn Dally, Robert Reed and others. She has taught children’s ballet, jazz, and all levels of tap in her own dance studio and for others. She has performed in Brenda Buffalino’s Tap Opera and hasheld tap jams in Seattle. Her performing group,ON TAP, has performed in local festivals representing America’s only two indigenous art forms: jazz music and tap dance.  Nancy brings enthusiasm, experience, a passion for tap dancing, and a desire to share that love with her students.