Pre-Dance Basic dance steps are learned through fun, creative play, especially designed for 3 – 7 year olds. This quick moving class includes Tap, Ballet, and basic tumbling on mats.

Tap Classes for beginners through senior citizens. Basic tap steps are learned increasing level of advancement with the level of ability. Tap is fun for all ages and great exercise.

Rhythm Created by the original masters, is a more syncopated form of tap, sounding like a second melody or drum like with the music.

Ballet Graded classed by age and ability where proper technique is stressed

Tap/Ballet Half hour class of each

Jazz emphasis on opposition, control, and isolations. Current popular music of good taste will be used during class

Lyrical A combination of Jazz/Ballet/Modern. Music is soft and flowing. Balance, extension, and control are developed.

Hip Hop Hip Hop street dance with Jazz technique