Studio Policies

1. Tuition is due the first class of each month regardless of whether four classes are held that month. There will be NO REFUNDS for missed classes. Please make up any missed class in another class of similar age and ability. A $20 per family, per year, non refundable registration fee, plus one and one half month’s tuition is required to register for any classes. A $20 fee is charged for all NSF and closed account checks. A $15 late fee will be accessed on all tuition payments made after the 15th.

2. Students are expected to attend classes regularly. Any student who misses three consecutive classes will be dropped from that class and may not rejoin until the summer or fall term. The only exceptions will be severe illness or injury. If a student drops out of class, for any reason, a courtesy call from a parent would be appreciated. We would also appreciate a call letting us know why your child will not be attending.

3. Please have your child use the bathroom before class. Students may not be permitted to leave class to do so. Leaving not only disrupts the class but your child may miss out on valuable warm-ups or combinations. Please discuss this with your child.

4. Talking during class is not appreciated unless a question concerning dance is being asked. Visiting is permitted during water breaks and tumbling time.

5. Gum, water, food or drinks of any kind are not permitted inside Studios A,B,C, or D. Snacks/drinks are allowed in the Studio lobby but please keep our Studio clean.

6. Classes not meeting minimum enrollment (5 or more students) will be canceled and students will be moved to other existing classes.

7. Snow policy-We follow Northshore School District policy. Classes may be canceled due to snow or icy conditions. These classes may be made up, at your convenience, during the month that it was missed. If you are not sure whether a class will be held, please call the Studio or Sue at home (425-788-7156 ).

8. Parents may observe any class at any time, except in Studio C, where viewing maybe the first class of each month. Three of the four Studios have viewing doors so that you may watch at your convenience. We would appreciate limiting your viewing to one class per month. Some students would prefer their parents not to watch them. Please discuss this with your child and respect their wishes.

9. Class attire – All students (except adults) must wear dance related attire. Shorts, sweats, pants, jeans, and dresses will not be allowed in class. Students who come not appropriately dressed will be asked to sit and watch their class. Ballet only must wear a black leotard and pink tights. Jazz classes may wear unitard, leotards, spandex, bike pants, etc. but will not be allowed to wear long shirts, sweatshirts, or shirts that must be tucked in. Please ask each teacher what is appropriate to wear in their class.

10. All hair must be pulled back into a ponytail, braids, pigtails, bun or snood (except short hair). Student may be asked to sit out of class if their hair is not pulled back.

11. All tap shoes must have elastic instead of ribbon ties. You may purchase tap ties from Studio I or replace them with black elastic. All ballet slippers must be tied in a knot, trimmed to about 1/2 inch with ends taped under to inside of shoes. Please be sure to put your child’s name inside all shoes.

12. Costumes are ordered the middle of January. All fees, including January tuition, must be paid in full , as fees must accompany the costume order. Late payment will require an additional fee of $15 plus additional 10% of the total cost will be added each month that it is not paid in full, may arrive after the original order and cannot be guaranteed to arrive on time. Costumes that have not been paid for will NOT be ordered. All costumes are Non-Refundable once ordered. For an added fee of $20, costumes may be exchanged for a larger or smaller size. Parents, who request, over night fees or 2nd day air fees will pay the additional costs. All costumes are made to order, not made to exact measurements. Costumes will not be tried on, nor sent home, until all fees owed to Studio I are current, including tuition and/or any outstanding fees. Students are expected to participate in the recital. If for any reason your child will not be in the recital, please let us know right away. The Director will have the sole responsibility of compiling the recital schedule. Due to time constraints, competition numbers may not be in the recital (exception – High Score routines).

13. STUDIO I offers all company students an opportunity to compete in regional competitions. All entrants MUST be registered for competition by STUDIO I, be a current student , be current on all tuition and other fees, and conduct themselves in the spirit of STUDIO I. All students must be enrolled in ballet and the discipline they are competing in. All high score awards will be displayed at our studio for all to enjoy. The choreography fee will be paid to the instructor. Entry fees will apply and will be paid to the Studio. Rehearsals will held at Studio I.

14. Policy is set by Studio I management and as such, any and all policy questions should be referred to the Studio Director.

15. The Studio will be closed on Halloween, Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas Break, Northshore Mid Winter Break, Northshore Spring Break and Memorial Day weekend. The studio will be open for all other holidays.

WELCOME TO STUDIO I It is our intent that your child has a good experience in our class as well as the opportunity to find joy in dance.